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In harmony with yourself

To be at ease with yourself, to be in harmony, is one of the most beautiful feelings that one can achieve in life.
How often is one satisfied with oneself? It does not have to be that way.
Put yourself in the hands of our therapist Mrs Susanne Schäfer. And you see: harmony is something wonderful.

Beauty & Spa information, offers and prices

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Here are some exemples of our beauty treatsments

  • Feel Beautiful
    A fast-paced beauty treatment for your face skin.
    Gentle depth cleansing · harmonizing facial massage · firming active ingredient mask · small make-up

  • Basic
    Individual pampering treatment that makes your face skin smooth and radiant.
    Gentle deep cleansing with peeling · gentle removal of impurities · styling of the eyebrows · harmonious massage of the cleavage, neck, neck and face · bioactive regeneration mask · soothing acupressure massage · small make-up
  • Enjoy your life
    Regenerating pampering treatment that moisturises and balances your face.
    To the BASIC treatment are added: soothing foot compresses · refreshing massage with moisturizing aloe vera fresh plant leaf · intensive eye care · gentle massage of hands and arms
  • Anti-Age Sensation
    A lasting pampering treatment that refines your facial expressions and smoothes wrinkles. Your skin is given a youthful appearance.
    To the BASIC treatment are added: highly effective massage with ultrasound, which inject intensive vital ingredients into deep skin layers · harmonious color light therapy · gentle massage of hands and arms
  • Kiss of a Butterfly
    Especially gentle pampering treatment from head to toe, which takes you into a world of lightness and deep relaxation. Your facial features are solved.
    The BASIC treatment is complemented by: precious essential oils according to your personal wishes · soothing foot bath with a relaxing foot massage · pleasant sensual massage of hands, arms, décolleté, neck, neck and face with gentle handles, soft brushes and flowing silk