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The parents, Kathrin & Andreas.
The children, Anna & Eric.

Anna and Kathrin in particular have a great passion for seasonal decorations and visit many antique and vintage markets in neighboring Alsace in France. They always bring a breath of fresh air into the house with new decorations.

Eric and Andreas make every Mission Impossible possible, true to his motto “It doesn’t work, it doesn’t exist!” With infectious enthusiasm and seemingly limitless energy, the two continually manage and develop the Golden Rooster.

Andreas Gruber-Beck

Andreas Gruber-Beck feels very comfortable in my chosen home of Baiersbronn. For many years, he worked with great enthusiasm as a master orthopedic technician in Freudenstadt. Since 2015, he has been a dedicated host at the Golden Hahn, engaging with it "body and soul." While some are still blissfully snoring and slumbering, he plays the role of the male breakfast fairy in our breakfast restaurant. However, his afternoons are spent in the Golden Hahn office, handling paperwork and juggling numbers. And just between us – even on vacation, resting and lazing around is not for Andreas. That's why he gladly sends our guests out into nature with the best tips...

All we need is less. We don't want higher, bigger, farther. We prefer small, fine, and charming. Quality and innovation matter more to us. Being hosts with heart and mind is our passion. Our happiness.

Kathrin Gruber

Kathrin Gruber was born in Baiersbronn and attended school here. In 1995, she completed her studies at the Dual University Baden-Württemberg. She successfully completed the Hotel Management School Belvoirpark HF in Zurich in 1998. During these years, she ventured out to explore life in the big wide world, only to realize that home is the most beautiful place on earth, and the personal interaction with guests at the Golden Hahn is more fulfilling than anything else. A sustainable lifestyle is increasingly important for Kathrin as a mother, and she tries to make many changes for more sustainability privately and in the family business. Kathrin takes care of breakfast happiness and has a talented eye for interior design. You'll also find Kathrin at the reception, where she greets you with warmth and charisma, managing incoming bookings.

I grew up in the Golden Hahn, and I don't know any other way than that of a family sticking together and handling everything carefully and mindfully. Raised this way, it is a matter of course for me today to run my own business.

Eric Gruber

From the summer of 2024, Eric Gruber will bring new energy and fresh ideas to the house. This will be evident in new service offerings and the new "look" of the website.

Together with my sister Anna, I grew up in the Golden Hahn. We had everything. But we were also taught that nothing comes from nothing. Therefore, for Anna and me, it is a matter of course to help out at the Golden Hahn, just as it was back then. This has made us responsible individuals who appreciate the small things in life. Starting this summer, I will support my parents at the Golden Hahn so that they can take a completely free day. For them, working continuously is normal, but a free day each week is important for everyone, young or old.

Anna Gruber

Anna Gruber is still attending school but diligently helps out in the breakfast restaurant during busy holiday seasons!